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May 22, 2020

LETTER: Region lost visionary with death of Reg Moore

On Saturday, May 16, we lost a legend and driving force in the birth of Northwest, Florida. Reg Moore passed away…

May 15, 2020

LETTER: Actions speak louder than words

This is a reminder to all voters of what happens when an amateur is elected President of the United States. When Bush…

Apr 17, 2020

LETTER: Pandemic in perspective

The big picture shows the disbelief, frustration, fear, hopelessness, and immobilization occurring in American…

Mar 10, 2020

LETTER: Carbon dioxide not the problem

We brought back moon rocks from the moon to measure the moon's atmosphere as the moon cooled and solidified capturing…

Jan 28, 2020

LETTER: Is NASA hiding asteroid danger?

Chernobyl in Russian means “Wormwood.” Any bearing on the following information? “The Wormwood…

Dec 10, 2019

LETTER: Pay attention for scams

Now Hear This! Rejoice with me. “Publisher’s Clearing House” notified me I won $15 million plus $7,000 a week, and a 2019 Mercedes. SKEPTICAL? You should be. Just another scam bombarding seniors warn…

Oct 29, 2019

LETTER: Insurance unfairly raising homeowners’ cost

This is not right and I wanted everyone to know.

Oct 22, 2019

LETTERS: Florida filled with political experts

You've just got to love the Democrats, they just don’t know what they want and neither do we.

Oct 15, 2019


During last week's Zoning Board meeting, when new development projects were being approved, appointee Jeremy Reeder wise-cracked that as far as he knew the residents were OK with traffic flow on Wood…

Oct 9, 2019


Another "paid-for" dossier The democrat climate change argument is that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas causing global warming. Over 50 years ago science measured the atmosphere captured in th…
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