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Mar 11, 2024

Navarre CERT holds training at Holley Navarre fire station

Navarre’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) held a training session Sunday, March 3, at Holley Navarre Fire District Station 45. The training session was part of a six-session training course to prepare residents of Santa Rosa County for emergencies and how they can help their community. Five people participated in the course. Four were from Navarre and one from Pace.

May 8, 2020

OPINION: Public health, public fear and public policies

In a grim time, during cold dark early hours of the day to come, my Dad ran as fast as he could alongside an…

Mar 17, 2020

GOSHAY: Better than he deserved

Friedrich Karl Berger has lived to be 94 years old, with 61 of them spent in the United States. But an immigration…

Mar 3, 2020

Goshay: Ashes remind us what matters most

If there is one thing on which we all have equal footing, it is our mortality. The Book of James pulls no punches…

Feb 24, 2020

RIVENBARK: Dems need to stop shooting themselves in the foot

Ready! Aim! Fire! Steady, now, Dems who are rallying behind Bernie. You want the gun to be pointed directly at your foot when you pull the trigger. Look, it’s not that I think Trump would beat …

Feb 18, 2020

MANGINO: Civil rights versus stopping a deadly virus

The latest news about the coronavirus is sobering. Health officials in China’s Hubei province reported 14,840…

Feb 7, 2020

GOSHAY: Thanks a lot, Frank Capra

You probably have to be a serious movie nerd to recognize the name “Frank Capra,” but he’s partly…

Dec 2, 2019

DUWAYNE ESCOBEDO: What I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, five years later, I want to thank my God for continuing to perform miracles.

Aug 20, 2019

New day ahead for Navarre as a city

There’s a new day ahead for Navarre. A day when people living here are in control of our community’s land development, economic growth, traffic, road paving, and government spending. A day when o…

Jul 3, 2019

Speak Out: Press Gazette readers' calls

Here are featured comments from our Speak Out hotline.  Priorities could degrade school system The article in today's paper (June 26) on the priorities for the tax increase is interesting. It noted many priorities such as a new YMCA, soccer field and football expansions, but nothing for building schools. Maybe they are going to use the […]
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