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Milton gets a do-over

September 19, 2023
Spring is normally a time for new beginnings, but Autumn 2023 is shaping up to be a critical time in the City of Milton’s history.
If all goes as expected, Scott Collins will start his tenure as city manager on Oct. 2, replacing Randy Jorgenson, who retired Sept. 5.

Dear commissioners: Please support the alternative subdivision provision

September 12, 2023
The Santa Rosa County Commission is expected to approve the revised Land Development Code at a special meeting Monday.
With that in mind, we’d like to share some observations about one of the recurring themes of the last few months’ debates: the alternative subdivision provision.

Strong local newspapers create a strong community

September 5, 2023
The newspaper industry has been changing, or as we like to call it, evolving. Some newspapers have survived, and many haven’t. So how does a newspaper survive – thrive even? We have some idea of what it takes. We have experienced growth even in the past year.

Go ye into all the world

September 5, 2023
If a poll were taken today, what would be the most important thing anyone could do? The older some of us get, the more we realize what is worth doing is preparing everyone for life after death, without a doubt?

Save Blackwater River urges City of Milton to move planned WWTP site

August 29, 2023
On Friday, Aug. 11, 2023, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection issued a third Request for Additional Information to the City of Milton on the city’s permit application for the proposed wastewater treatment plant and disposal site known as the North Santa Rosa Regional Water Reclamation Facility.

One nation under God

August 14, 2023
God bless Rabbi Danow of Temple Beth El and Chabad Center, Pensacola Jewish Community. His attitude toward the vandals and unwillingness to retaliate are commendable! Shame on all anti Semites.

A free press must prevail

August 14, 2023
In a rare event, law enforcement raided a local newsroom in Marion, Kansas, carrying out equipment, computers, cell phones and files. They also raided the publisher’s and the owner’s home. Apparently, the newspaper received a tip about a local restaurant owner’s drunk driving conviction. The paper chose not to publish any of the information.

Milton City Council ‘clown show’

August 7, 2023
I am not often led to comment publicly on events of the day. But the recent “Clown Show”, i.e. Milton Council, should be an embarrassment to anybody with half a brain:

The truth is our currency

August 7, 2023
We ran this editorial in our March 17, 2022, issue shortly after purchasing the Santa Rosa Press Gazette, and it is a message that needs to be told again. With all the city and county messes happening in Santa Rosa County, you can be assured we will be there for the good and the bad.

Can we please get down to business?

July 31, 2023
If you think a “Housewives of (insert county name here)” show is entertaining, you haven’t been to a Santa Rosa County board of commissioners meeting or a Milton City Council meeting lately. In fact, we think TV producers are missing a huge opportunity here in our county. It wouldn’t be difficult to make a series out of the theatrics; they would just have to pal around with Commissioner James Calkins for all the drama they could ever want.
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