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November 6, 2023
Here is a cheat sheet of the newest – and maybe not officially announced developments and/or businesses planned for Navarre and Navarre Beach. I don’t know if you have heard, but 1. There is going to be a “luxury” high end, million-dollar RV Park on Navarre Beach….according to a few of our county commissioners. Actually, it is a regular ole’ RV park, but some think that RVs are luxury items and cost a million dollars or more.
November 1, 2023
I’m really- very – disappointed in the county commissioner’s decision to amend the lease on Navarre Beach for an RV Park. The commissioners, Parker, Calkins, and Wright seemingly put feelings ahead of facts. They definitely put themselves in the developers’ shoes and not in the shoes of our tax-paying beach residents that already live or own property on Navarre Beach. And what happened to the “rule” that you defer to the county commissioner that is “responsible” for the district the property in question is in? Eddington voted NO.
October 3, 2023
Someone recently thought that we left someone off the arrest report on purpose – luckily, we found that person in our arrest reports.
Why is that important? Because our integrity matters.
September 12, 2023
I was out and about at Juana’s Good Time Regatta this weekend. Kaitie Kiger covered the event on Saturday in a chase boat and I went out on a chase boat Sunday to take pictures.
This was the team at Juana’s/Sailors Grill’s 33rd year organizing and running this event, which is a tremendous asset for our community.
July 25, 2023
I’ve been mostly out this week and about in other parts of Florida. Sarasota to be specific. We brought seven of us to the Florida Press Conference to learn the latest trends and best practices in journalism and design. We also had our awards ceremony, and while Navarre Press didn’t win the overall trophy for our division, Santa Rosa Press Gazette did.
July 18, 2023
I went to the south annex today to renew my tags and there was a lady outside of the doors with a table and a bunch of paper on it and she yelled out at me, “Please come sign this petition to protect woman’s health care rights.”
July 12, 2023
A new restaurant in Navarre is on the horizon where the old Helen Back Pizza used to be. The restaurant chain Fatboys has announced they expect to open later this year. They are well known for their burgers, wings and more. You can read all about it on our Business page (4A).
July 5, 2023
July is here and as I’m writing this – the fourth is tomorrow. By the time you receive this, July 4, 2023, will be a two-day-old memory. However, I have some trivia for you to use next year. These are referenced from a “Good Housekeeping” article, but double checked with personal comments by yours truly.
June 26, 2023
Our editorial this week should be an eye-opener for anyone with children or anyone who cares about children in our school district. Another issue that has been bubbling up is the Holley-Navarre Water System’s 2019-2020 policy which looks at commercial properties, what the property originally paid in tap fees, and what their current usage is, only to ask for impact fees –after the fact.
June 23, 2023
We wrote a few stories about the owner of the 23.2 acres across from Springhill Suites “threatening” or “promising” to build three 16-story buildings having 697 residential condominiums, 148 condo/hotel units and 10,000 square feet for retail use – because it has come up at county meetings.
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