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“Let the record reflect…”

September 26, 2023
Councilwoman Farrow of the Milton City Council said in Thursday night’s agenda workshop, “Let the record reflect the city attorney is frowning at me.”
We say, “Let the record reflect that the rest of Milton is frowning at all of you.”

Latest city fiasco bares long-festering grievances

August 22, 2023
The terms “irreconcilable differences,” “irremediable,” and “irretrievable breakdown” are used in family law to justify no-fault divorce. Family law does not apply to municipalities, so we’d like to suggest the City of Milton start doing the hard work of healing.

Disturbing books in our school libraries

June 26, 2023
Who knew at some point in time we would be discussing sexually explicit books allowed in our school libraries? And yet, here we are. At last week’s county commission meeting, citizens showed up (and some showed out) to proclaim their disgust at the books being allowed in the libraries across our school system.

WWTP debate proves civil discourse is possible in SRC

January 24, 2023
Three weeks ago, we used this space to call out Santa Rosa County’s political community; it’s only fair to use it today to say we’ve noticed positive change. During the calendar year just passed, city council and county commission meetings too often devolved into chaos, with residents addressing the boards, elected officials – even staff – at times resorting to angry accusations, rebuttals and personal attacks.

‘Yellowstone’ echoes the important message of ‘Atlas Shrugged’

December 6, 2022
Maybe there is an unseen longing for freedom in America. “Yellowstone,” the number one show on TV, has been outed as a having undertones of “conservative” messaging. I guess Kevin Costner has now made so much money that he can afford to be outed as right-of-center in Hollywood.

Looking back at Census 2020: What Florida’s business and community leaders need to know

July 26, 2022

Following the 2020 Census, Florida could have secured:

  • Extra yearly federal funding;
  •  An additional congressional seat; and
  •  Reliable data to guide statewide business and economic development, workforce infrastructure, social services, and decision-making for the years to come.
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