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Powering Strong Communities Across Northwest Florida

In every Florida city, there’s so much potential to empower strong communities through positive change and the people who live there. Though the need for volunteer help has never been greater, the number of Americans who formally volunteer has continued to decline, according to the Census Bureau. It’s time to reverse that trend in our state – and we can all play a role.

By Pam Rauch, Vice President, External Affairs and Economic Development, Florida Power & Light Company

Corporate volunteerism not only connects businesses with the places they call home but also serves as a vital conduit between residents and the causes they hold dear. At its core, community engagement empowers employees, fostering a heightened sense of purpose and a stronger bond within the workplace.

At Florida Power & Light Company (FPL), we’ve witnessed the positive impact first-hand, from distributing hurricane preparedness meal kits to seniors statewide to honoring local veterans during the holidays with energy-efficient home makeovers and so much more. As we commemorate the 16th annual Power to Care campaign, an entire week dedicated to the spirit of giving back, hundreds of FPL employees, alongside family and friends, unite to volunteer across numerous projects throughout Florida. We provide unwavering support and flexibility to our teams, enabling them to dedicate time to the causes that resonate deeply with them. We firmly believe that civic engagement benefits us all.

Here in Northwest Florida, FPL employees recently helped clean, paint and landscape animal rehabilitation areas in partnership with Gulf World Marine Institute, while others helped renovate family facilities alongside Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northwest Florida. Across Florida, others are making a difference by planting trees, cleaning beaches, and aiding families, children and seniors in need. While our commitment extends beyond a week, it’s worth noting that last year alone, our employees contributed nearly 55,000 hours to local communities, supporting more than 2,500 nonprofit organizations.

In every corner of Florida, businesses are starting to recognize the value they can contribute through structured volunteer initiatives. As we look ahead to 2024, we hope to see more Florida companies inspiring their workforce to actively engage in philanthropy. Nonprofits and charitable organizations play an invaluable role in our communities, extending aid when resources are lacking. Financial donations will always be crucial to sustaining these organizations, but volunteering is just as valuable as it connects us all in a personal way and promotes a sense of service to our communities. Let’s pledge to elevate our efforts in 2024, dedicated to strengthening and endorsing volunteerism throughout our communities. Together, we can power strong communities to create a brighter future.

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