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Partnering in Healthcare personalizes primary care

Are you tired of paying expensive primary care co-pays and outrageous blood work? Are you sick of being put into a medical box and your Provider not listening to you or your body? Partnering in Healthcare (PIH) is ready to partner alongside you on your medical journey and help find relief. Partnering in Healthcare formed in December of 2022 and opened their office in March of 2023.

Julie Armstrong, FNP-C (Family nurse practitioner-certified), and Paulette Krumel, LPN (licensed practical nurse) are not only dream team coworkers and business partners, but best friends as well.

“What patients really want is to be heard. They can participate in their health care instead of just being told. They just want someone to listen. They want to be partnered with, which is kind of how we came up with our name,” Julie said.

Julie Armstrong, FNP-C

Partnering in Healthcare offers more cost-efficient services. They have reasonable office visits and labs available for patients.

“We don’t take insurance, so we do cost-efficient health care,” Julie said. ”It’s geared towards people who either don’t have health insurance or people who have a really high deductible and can’t necessarily afford to use that.”

Their Benefit Plan is geared towards providing affordable healthcare. It is not health insurance. It is a partnership where patients only pay $30 per month and have access to major discounts at the office.

Members of the Benefit Plan get:

  • Unlimited office visits at only $15 a visit
  • Close patient-provider relationship
  • 20% off office procedures
  • Compassionate/experienced care
  • 20% off lab work
  • Same or next day appointments
  • 50% off vitamin B12 shots
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Personalized care

Julie said it’s been a big thing, especially for people without insurance or people with chronic care needs, who need to visit their primary care practitioner routinely and get consistent lab work.
Even with insurance, getting routine labs adds up. Partnering in Healthcare offers labs starting as low as $21.

“I do have patients who have insurance, but they would rather come here, just because it seems to be more convenient and the prices are often still better than even what their health insurance is covering.” Julie said.

PIH nurses draw blood in-house and send the labs off for resulting. This allows a quick turnaround and makes it very convenient for the patient.

The office is located at 4400 Bayou Blvd, Suite 27 in Pensacola in Cordova Square near the mall.
Julie has been a nurse for more than 25 years. She has master’s degree with a specialty track in nurse practitioner. She is originally from Virginia, and she moved down to the Emerald Coast in 2017 with her husband.

“I’ve always loved medicine and taking care of people. That’s just inherent to who I am I think,” Julie said.
Paulette has been a licensed practical nurse for 12 years. Prior to that, she has additional experience in the medical field. She started as a CNA (certified nurse assistant). She also has a degree in business administration. She has called Pensacola home for 23 years.

“I enjoy taking care of the patients and helping them,” Paulette said.

Paulette Krumel, LPN

The working dynamic the two women share is unique and special.

“We’re kind of like sisters,” Paulette said. “We can yell at each other, we can cry with each other, be happy for each other. We can discuss anything we want with each other, and we don’t take offense to it. We better each other.”

“It’s very easy, which is good because running a business is not an easy task, especially starting out, there’s a lot of challenges you face,” Julie said. “It’s very helpful to have someone you can talk to and go over things together.”

Their customer service sets them apart from the rest. They treat patients like they would like to be treated.

“When you walk in, we treat you like a person,” Paulette said.

Their slogan is, “We treat people not boxes,” because everyone is an individual and they don’t necessarily fit into a medical box that some doctors try to fit them in. Everyone’s body is different.

Partnering in Healthcare sees people for who they are and personalizes treatment plans until they work. They encourage patients to take an active role in their health.

“As soon as they walk out the door, I’m not there to remind them what I recommended them to do,” Julie said. “They need to take an active part in their health care, whether that’s taking medication or having a better diet or exercising.”

Their goal is to provide as much education as they can when patients are with them in the office, so they can take that with them and apply it because they want to better their health, not because their Provider said so.

Looking for a partner in your health? Give them a call and set up an appointment today.

Partnering in Healthcare
4400 Bayou Boulevard, Suite 27,
Pensacola, Florida 32503
Open Mon-Fri: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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