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Local Non-Profit Helps Sexual Trauma Survivors with Mental Health Therapy

Set Free Foundation was established here in Navarre nearly four years ago with the mission of assisting survivors of human trafficking, sexual assault and exploitation. Since that beginning, they have served dozens of survivors by providing shelter, mental health therapy and other resources.

The Need for Trauma Therapy

Set Free Foundation has recently chosen to narrow its focus specifically to helping survivors of sexual trauma get therapy when they are unable to afford it. “Being able to get therapy is a major part of recovering from trauma” says Skip Orth, founder of Set Free. “Trauma literally re-wires the brain, which can have an effect on every aspect of a person’s ability to function in everyday life. It affects relationships, memory, sleep patterns, ability to concentrate and much more. It takes a skilled, professional therapist, experienced in treating trauma survivors, to be able to unravel all the mental complexities associated with trauma.”

According to Orth, a qualified trauma therapist can cost up to $150 per session and survivors may need weekly sessions for more than a year, amounting to thousands of dollars. If a survivor has no insurance, it can be nearly impossible to afford. This is where Set Free Foundation comes in. They provide funding for trauma survivors so they can have the opportunity to regain a productive, healthy life.

Partnering with Therapists

Set Free Foundation does not provide therapy directly. It is an all-volunteer organization that raises funds and then partners with individual therapists to help provide payment for clients who don’t have the ability to pay. They receive referrals from therapists and other organizations who work with sexual trauma survivors. Most of the funding they have provided so far has been local, but they are not limited geographically on who they work with. They are open to helping any survivor get the help they need regardless of where they are located.

Raising Money and Awareness

Local Navarre resident Sherry Clynch is the fundraising coordinator for Set Free and is constantly active in raising both awareness of human trafficking and funds for Set Free. Sherry and her husband, Mike, moved to Navarre 5 years ago from Missouri, and she became involved with Set Free about a year after it started. “Since I’m now retired, I wanted to find something worthwhile I could dedicate myself to. Helping women overcome trauma is a cause that is particularly important to me. I felt I could use my experience and background in administration and marketing to make a difference in this organization.”

Clynch planned and executed (with a lot of volunteer help) the last two annual galas held at St Sylvester’s Church each January for Set Free where it raised a combined total of around $60,000. She is already planning next year’s event which will be the biggest and best yet!

Interested in Getting Involved or Need Help?

Set Free Foundation is looking for more therapists to partner with and individuals who are passionate about helping women heal from trauma and would like to volunteer. If you are a therapist or individual who knows a trauma survivor who needs assistance with paying for therapy, you are urged to contact Set Free Foundation.

Set Free Foundation
(850) 463-5191

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