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LearningRx in Pensacola offers discounted brain skills assessments in exchange for "bad" report card

It's report card time and local brain training center LearningRx in Pensacola, located at 4300 Bayou Blvd, Suite 34, is giving hope to kids and teens by offering discounted cognitive skills assessments in exchange for less-than-stellar report cards.

Through the months of October and November, LearningRx in Pensacola is offering anyone under 19 a 50% discount on an assessment of their cognitive skills if they bring in a photocopy of their report card. The assessment measures brain skills like processing speed, attention, logic and reasoning, visual and auditory processing, and memory. The results of the assessment can help students decide what steps to take in strengthening weak cognitive skills.  

"Unfortunately, many people wrongly assume that less-than-stellar grades are a reflection of poor teaching or laziness on the part of the student; this is rarely the case," says LearningRx Pensacola director Angela Fox. "The truth is, most bad report cards simply mean that the child is struggling to learn. And learning struggles are due to weak cognitive skills. The good news is that these learning skills can be strengthened through intensive one-on-one brain training."

To learn more about the discounted assessments (a $199 value) or treating the root cause of learning struggles associated with ADHD, dyslexia, Asperger's, Autism or dyscalculia ("trouble with math"), contact LearningRx in Pensacola at or 850-466-4999, or visit the center's Web site at

About LearningRx  LearningRx specializes in treating the cause – not the symptoms – of learning struggles. The programs' game-like exercises and 1:1 trainer-to-student ratios provide guaranteed dramatic improvement in as little as 12 to 24 weeks. With more than 70 centers across the country, LearningRx brain training can help anyone – from 5 to 85 – increase the speed, power or function of their brain. 

This article originally appeared on Santa Rosa Press Gazette: LearningRx in Pensacola offers discounted brain skills assessments in exchange for "bad" report card

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