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Homicide in Jay

| Staff Reporters
Jeffery Scott Bostwick has been arrested and charged with first degree felony homicide.

Remains may be missing man from Milton

On Friday, Feb. 9, investigators with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office had information that a resident of Milton had been missing and believed to have been killed. The reports were the resident was killed in the 2900 block of Cobbtown Rd. in Jay. They also said the suspect had numerous firearms. Later that day, deputies received a search warrant for the residence where they discovered multiple firearms in possession of the suspect who they knew to be a felon.

On Saturday, Feb. 10, through further investigation, detectives received information that the missing person was buried at another location at the 2900 block of Cobbtown Rd.  After obtaining a warrant, they searched the property and found the grave. Major Crimes investigators, the Sheriff’s Office Crime Scene investigators and the District One Medical Examiner’s Office excavated the grave and recovered the remains.

Investigators have been able to presumptively identify the remains, but the identification has not been confirmed by DNA testing.

The suspect, Jeffery Scott Bostwick has been arrested for second degree felony possession of a weapon by a felon and first-degree felony homicide (murder dangerous depraved without premeditation).

Jeffery Scott Bostwick

More details will be released as they become available.

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