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Free documentary showing at Hickory Hammock Baptist Church Sunday

Carl Gallups, senior pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, and contributing columnist to the Press Gazette, has written another best selling book ( through the publisher WND Books – Washington D.C.

His latest book is titled THE RABBI WHO FOUND MESSIAH: The Story of Yitzhak Kaduri and His Prophecies of the Endtimes. Even in pre-sale status the book rose to #1 best selling book in four different Amazon Books categories: Eschatology, Judaism, History of Religion, and Theology. Gallups says the publishers are planning a huge media blitz for his book with hopes of several media giants becoming involved. His last year’s bestseller, THE MAGIC MAN IN THE SKY: Effectively Defending The Christian Faith, was extensively featured in Christian and secular media.                       

As an added boost for Gallups’ latest book, WND Films produced a DVD documentary movie about the book’s subject. Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn (NYT #1 best selling author of THE HARBINGER) appears in the movie with Pastor Gallups. The movie was produced by award winning film producer George Escobar.

Gallupssays, “The Rabbi movie and the book are already getting rave reviews. People all over the world, even in Israel, are talking about them.”  He says his newest work is available in hardcover, Kindle, and DVD. They currently can be purchased at, the WND Superstore, Barnes and Noble, and Books-a-Million.

Gallupsdescribes the contents of the book and movie, “In the Fall of 2005, a 108-year-old rabbi, the most venerated rabbinical Jewish leader in Israel, proclaimed that he knew the name of the real Messiah. Rabbi Kaduri claimed that he had personally seen the Messiah in a vision.”

”But,” he continues, “there were just a couple of catches – Kaduri declared that a particular and famed world leader had to die before the Messiah publicly appeared. Also, the name of the Messiah was to be mysteriously and cryptically sealed in a message. Instructions were given to lock the message away and not to open it until one year after the rabbi's death. A few months later the famous world leader fell gravely ill. The religious and political world held its collective breath.”

“Within weeks of the world leader's malady, the elderly rabbi died. Almost three hundred thousand people flooded the streets of Jerusalem for his funeral, one of the largest in Israel's history. As the beloved rabbi instructed, the message was opened and deciphered at the end of the one-year mark. There before the eyes of the world, according to this celebrated rabbi, was the name of the soon-coming Messiah. At this time the famous world leader is still in a coma.”

Gallupssays, “The note that shook the religious world to its foundations is still shaking it. The story is still unfolding. The pieces are still falling into place – just as the old rabbi predicted. The mainstream media covered up this story. This book tells the whole story and so much more. As of right now, this is the only book in the world on this topic.

 “The book is filled with fascinating biblical and historical information to which you will want to refer over and over again,”   Gallups says.

Last year, Gallups authored THE MAGIC MAN IN THE SKY: Effectively Defending The Christian Faith.  That book rose to #400 of the many millions of books on Amazon and stayed for months in the #1 position of best sellers in Amazon’s category of Science and Religion. Amazon also rated THE MAGIC MAN IN THE SKY as #1 in Hot New Releases.

THE MAGIC MAN was reviewed in The Washington Times and called a “must read book.” It was also featured on TBN, Christ in Prophecy TV, Coast Up Close TV, Creation Today TV, Atlanta Live TV, and Dove TV. Pastor Gallups was interviewed in hundreds of radio markets around the world as a result of his first best seller, including Janet Parshall-In The Market and even secular giants such as Mancow in the Morning (Chicago), Bill Martinez Live (So. California) and Fox News Radio Alan Colmes (New York). Even now the book continues to rank in Amazon best selling categories.

Gallups says the movie THE RABBI WHO FOUND MESSIAH will be shown at Hickory Hammock Baptist Church on Sunday evening, November 3; at 5 p.m. Books and movies will be available for purchase that evening. The showing of the movie is free and open to the public.

This article originally appeared on Santa Rosa Press Gazette: Free documentary showing at Hickory Hammock Baptist Church Sunday

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