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Author: Staff Reporters

Transportation department monitoring road conditions

Motorists may notice an increased number of FDOT vehicles on state routes as maintenance and operations staff respond to winter weather conditions. If icy conditions are detected, FDOT crews will deploy various tankers, bridge deck sprayers and other equipment to apply anti-icing products on bridges and overpasses to prevent ice from bonding to the pavement surface.

FDOT will collaborate with state and local law enforcement to evaluate roads for closure if icy conditions make it challenging to maintain a drivable roadway. Motorists are encouraged to use all available information and follow law enforcement closure announcements until weather conditions improve before venturing out in your vehicle

Blackwater Literary Journal launches new edition

A year after the COVID-19 pandemic, poetry is again having its moment with the launch of Issue VI of the Blackwater Literary Journal at both the Milton High School and Clyde L. Gracey Community Center.

This issue is a literary collection of prose and poetry that explores values and sentiments unique to Santa Rosa County. Milton’s Poet Laureate Marc Livanos’s belief is that you have the right to feel what you feel.

Dozens of writers including teenagers throughout Santa Rosa County submitted their writings for Issue VI.

Chedrick Carnegia and Marc Livanos at the launch of Issue VI of the Blackwater Literary Journal. Contributed photo

The Santa Rosa County Writers’ Guild members Glenda Frazier and Patricia Packett volunteered to critique resident submissions from Gulf Breeze to Milton, students from grades 9-12 and teens from the Community Center’s Poetry Workshop. The poems highlight the creative spirit of the region.

Issue VI was dedicated to Leslie Briggs, an honors English teacher at Milton High School. Briggs spearheads the coordination and collections of the student poetry at the high school.

The publication also featured a Special Acknowledgement to Milton Resident Robert Hill, a 50-year veteran of the airwaves and host of Choice 106.9FM and WRNE 980AM.

Milton’s Poetry Laureate also presented the All-County Writer’s Award plaque winners for best book to Glenda Frazier on “Poems that Bleed” and to student Jeremiah McPherson for his poem “Note to Self.”

James R. Fletcher, June 2, 1957-January 5, 2022

It is with great sadness that our family is saying goodbye to our loved one, James Ralph Fletcher, age 64, who passed from this world to be with our Lord on Wednesday, January 5, 2022, after a short illness. Fletch, as he was known to family and friends, was born on June 2, 1957 to James H. and Marian Jean Fletcher, West Paducah, Kentucky. He is preceded in death by his parents and grandmother, Connie Hughes. He is survived by his only sister, Sheila Broxson, his niece, Tippi Lampa (Ed) and great nephew, T.J.Hallmark (Savanna).

Fletch received his degree at University of Kentucky. His professional life included: Meteorologist at WBKO-TV, Program Director at WLBJ Radio, both in Bowling Green, Ky, former editor and publisher at Freedom Communication, Halifax and retired from Gannett (Santa Rosa Press Gazette, Milton).

Fletcher’s charming personality was loved by many.

He loved to cook and one would think he was a professional chef by the appearance and taste of his recipes. He could answer any question about the Bible and explain why.

Fletch was such an extraordinary man. He treated everyone he knew like family. He was admired not only by family and friends, but by all he met. He was known for his quick wit, his infectious smile and kind and compassionate spirit.

His mutual relationship was with Chablis. They both loved each other more than life. She was Fletch’s four-legged fur baby and he was “well, her everything”.

He was given the gift of life on loan to us for 64 wonderful years. Thanks to you brother and uncle for all your laughter, love and always being available when we needed you! We love you so much and so proud of you. While holding his hands, and with our kisses and tears, our Lord said to him, “It is time to come to your heavenly home.” Until we see you again Fletch! We love you.

Fletcher loved working at the Press Gazette, and when he retired he missed it intensely.

FHP trooper revives Milton man with Narcan, arrests him

A 39-year-old man who gave a Milton address when he was arrested Saturday has been charged with DUI, marijuana possession, possession of drug equipment and child neglect following an 11 a.m. crash in Escambia County. 

William Nathan Hawthorne was in a car involved in a collision at U.S. Highway 29 and E. Kingsfield Road in Escambia County. When a Florida Highway Patrol trooper arrived, Hawthorne was unconscious, had agonal breathing and was blue in the face.

The trooper administered Narcan, after which he quickly regained consciousness, according to the FHP report.

Hawthorne had a 6-year-old child in the car at the time he allegedly rear-ended a truck that was stopped in traffic in front of him, the report said.

NWFSC Students Named to President’s List and Dean’s List for Fall 2021 Semester

Northwest Florida State College recognized the superior academic achievement of students who completed the Fall 2021 semester by naming them to the President‘s List and Dean’s List.

The President’s List includes students with nine or more credits in the semester who earned a grade-point average of 3.8 to 4.0 in college-level courses during the semester. The Dean’s List includes students with nine or more credits in the semester who earned a GPA of 3.5 to 3.79 in college-level courses during the semester.

“I would like to congratulate all of our students who have achieved the distinction of being named to our President’s and Dean’s Lists for the Fall 2021 semester,” said NWFSC President Dr. Devin Stephenson. “The entire NWFSC community celebrates these students for all of their hard work and dedication.”

Fall 2021 President’s List

Lillian Adams

Travis Adams

Yasmin Adams

Zydajah Adney

Adrian Agulto

Summer Alford

Brianna Allen

Matthew Allen

Natalie Allred

Madison Ambs

Tyler Amiel

Elijah Anderson

Kaycee Anderson

Lindsey Anderson

Yvonne Anderson

Charlene Anderson-White

Ashley Andrews

Kaylee Aplin

Sean Arbuckle

Gianna Archer

Kayla Ashby

Elizabeth Atchley

Jessika Axelson

Cyndell Aycock

Madison Baker

Foley Barrett

Alexandra Basenspiler

Emrah Basigovac

Nathan Bauman

Amber Baxley

Noah Beach

Logan Bearinger

Caroline Beer

Robert Began

Emma Bell

Ishshah Bell

Gracie Bellard

Kendra Belton

Amanda Benigno

Lisa Benjamin

Matthew Bentley

Eric Berry

Hailey Bethke

Brantley Betts

Rachelle Bieser

Aiden Black

Ava Black

Dylan Boes

Madilynn Boisselle

Cindy Bolden

Lila Bolton

Jordyn Bradley

Richard Brady

Travis Brady

Michael Bramel

Matthew Brannon

Reese Branton

Jackson Brazill

Neely Brewer

William Bright

Michaela Brocato

Abigail Brodzeller

Darrell Brooks

Brilee Broussard

Emmy Brown

Victoria Brown

Colby Bryan

Bailey Burgis

Chastity Burton

Lauren Bush

Sarah Bush

Chelsea Byford

Daylyn Cadenhead

Daniel Cain

Nadia Cain

Rachel Calderazzo

Makenzie Callison

Santiago Calonje

Elan Camaret

Alivia Campbell

Landon Campbell

Elizabeth Campbell-Work

Kristin Capra

Shannah Carlock

Reese Carter

Scott Carter

Kadi Casey

Samuel Castoe

Brandon Chapin

Zakkary Childers

Angelina Chiola

Cooper Chipman

Kaci Chisum

Moon KyungCho

Jerrod Christensen

Andrew Christy

Hailey Church

Bradley Clark

Brittany Clark

Kimberly Clark

Madison Clark

Samantha Clark

Jabari Clayton

Jordan Climaco

Nicholas Coffey

Brittney Coleman

Robert Connell

Amanda Cook

Eileen Cook

Jillian Cook

Carly Cooper

Weston Corbin

Isabelle Coudron

Lillianna Cress

Elizabeth Dampier

Khang Dao

Alana Davis

Catherine Davis

Neal Davis

Nikki Davis

Zachary deGraaf

Ariana De la Mata

Elisabeth Deloach

Bianca Dermond

Ambria Dewever

Rylan Dewise

Carlos Diaz Acevedo

Alana Disty

David Diven

Nathaniel Dixon

Brianna Dizor

William Dorman

Megan Douglass

Cole Dover

Katelynn Dunkerson

Kaylin Early

Kara Edeker

Heather Eden

Ryan Ehrhard

Edward Eich

Alex Eichorst

Gabrielle Ellerson

Marta Elliott

Andrew Ellis

William Emiro

Paige Escobedo

Payton Escobedo

Ethan Eubanks

Sydney Everett

Rhea Anais Everetts

Savannah Faille

Amber Farley

Bragg Farmer

Theo Farnsworth

Benjamin Farnum

Faith Farnum

Braya Faust

Racheal Fay

Asa Fayne

Conner Fears

Jameson Feeley

Amanda Feist

Haley Fethke

Katelyn Fitch

Donna Flanagan

Haley Flores

Rosalia Flores

Jasper Floyd

Ashley Fogg

Matthew Foil

Tiana JordanFontejon

Augustus Fontenot

Joseph Forester

Louis Forrester

Keinah Fort

Kiley Foster

Ronan Fowler

Rachel Fraley

Chase Franke

Terra Franklin

Darbi Fraser

Amy Freeman

Katherine French

Devin Fritz

Shelby Fugate

Charity Fulfer

Trisha Gallimore

Thomas Gallion

Megan Gardner

Joseph Garland

Matthew Garner

Kelsey Garrison

Emily Geary

Alexica Gebhart

Jennifer Giacona

Samantha Gibel

Riley Gibson

Kaylee Giddings

Joseph Gilbreth

Sean Gilligan

Kyle Gillis

Kiera Giovanini

Leslee Godwin

Samantha Gonzales Vallejo

Anzhela Gorbyleva

Rachel Gordon

Payton Gowing

James Grace

Melanie Gray

Victoria Green

Kieren Gregory

Sean Gresham

Knoxye Grinstead

Robert Guss

Graham Gustavson

Jennifer Hale

Bailey Hall

Devin Hall

Elsa Hallman

Madison Harding

Maycie Hardy

Katina Harris

Matthew Harris

Skyler Harris

Reanne Harrison

Jordan Harte

Caitlin Hartsel

Tyniyah Haughton

William Haun

Jefferson Hawkins

Natalie Hawkins

Haylee Hayes

Jessica Heady

Julia Heck

Hannah Heckel

Nicole Heise

Amanda Hensley

Tyler Hermansson-Wisniewski

Juan Hernandez

Gabrielle Higgins

Aidan Hill

Carter Hill

Courtney Hill

Mason Hoey

Briana Hofreiter

Belle Holcomb

Augustine Holmes

Logan Hopkins

Aydan Horrigan

Samantha Houston

Ethan Howard

Alexandria Howe

Paige Howell

William Hubbard

Jake Huffin

Paige Hughes

Kiley Hulion

Stella Hurley

Alexander Huston

Victoria Huynh

Benjamin Ingermann

Eason Ingram

Kyrsten Jackson

Olivia Jammer

Alan Johnson

Brittany Johnson

Jordan Johnson

Lester Johnson

Melanie Johnston

Ashley Jones

Carlin Jones

Rowan Jones

Avery Joyner

Paul Juliano

Lauren Kast

Justin Kazek

Ryan Kazek

Reha Kazmi

David Keifer

Carsen Kelley

John Kelly

Daryn Kersch

Griffin Kersten

Sidnie Kikta

Marcia Kilian

Emily Kim

Elizabeth Kimm

Ryan King

Madelyn Kipp

Serenity Kirkman

Justin Kirshman

Gabrielle Kline

Michael Klinger

Frederick Knott

Lauren Knott

Brenton Kohler

Alexandrea Kovalsky

Kristin Kubiszewski

Nicole Kuczer

Delaney Kuennen

Raj LaRue

David Laird

Ha Lam

Conner Lamon

Adam Lance

Jordan Lane

Emmalie Langston

Luke Latham

Ava Lauderdale

Karina Laviera

Gwendolyn Law

Linda Lawson

Aaliyah Le

Aliyah Leak

Nathan Lederman

Siu Tong Lee

Lindsay Lemoine

John Lewis

Sydney Lewis

Selina Li

Rogelio Lima-Marroquin

Kaili Limousin

Sara Lin

Maria Linares

Veronica Lindsey

Harlee Littleton

Roy Lizardo

Vito Lombardi

Luciana Longo

Melissa Loper

Jemalyn Lopez

Ulises Lopez

Sarah Lott

Theresa Louthain

Paparada Lubawinski

Louis Luna

Chase Lunsford

Emma Lyle

Cora Machuta

Hannah Mack

Isaac Maddox

Gabriel Maillet

Coral Makara

Spencer Mandley

Susan Maranon

Alexandra Marchand

Michael Marciniak

Brianna Marler

Hargett Martin

Tristen Martins

Cara Massa

William Mathers

Chelsie Matthews

Rachel McCann

Kayleigh McCord

Efthalia McDaniel

Kari McDevitt

Merritt McDonald

Gunther McGrael

Kaitlyn McLeod

Reagan McMullan

Amy McNeal

Caleb McSwain

Kalyn Mckinnon

Ryan Meadows

Natalie Meigs

Zoe Meisner

Natalie Melancon

Helena Melberg

Keagan Merchant

Mallory Meredith

Zachary Merlo

Sydney Merrill

Brienna Metzger

Joseph Michenfelder

Jesika Miller

Leighanna Miller

Madison Miller

Jessica Mincy

Gisellie Mingelis-Whitlow

Isabella Molineros

Sophia Mongogna

Haseeb Monjur

Tyler Monroe

Michaela Montes-Torres

Demi Moore

Cristiana Morales

Yesiann Morales

Ivana Morales-Martinez

Marian Morales-Martinez

Valentina Moreno

Abigail Mosley

Isaac Mountain

Ingrid Mueller

Katarina Mueller

Anna Murphy

Kainan Murphy

Kainan Murphy

Madeline Murphy

Holly Murray

Serafina Myers

Dylan Nearbin

Michael Nelson

Kevin Newbold

Anthony Nguyen

Lillian Nguyen

Michael Nguyen

Lillian Nincevic

Kelsey Noah

Kendall Norman

Ilya Nosik

Nicholas Novack

Ashley Noyola

Maili Odom

Doreen Ofiera

Jeremy Ohlinger

Stephanie Ortiz

Gerardo Ortiz Burgos

Joshua Osmialowski

Kathryn Owens

Amy Padgett

Michael Panarisi

Nathan Parent

Catherine Parker

Kimi Parker

Riley Parmeley

James Pasour

Arya Patel

Yash Patel

Clint Paul

Gail Paulding

Cameron Paulk

Tiffany Peacock

Romeo Peart

Kayden Peets

Leah Peoples

Karla Perez

Wilson Perkins

Felicia Permenter

Cindy Perry

Jeri Perry

Chandra Persaud

Kenneth Peterson

Sierra Petty

Dat Phan

Andrew Pierpoint

Allison Pike

Abigail Pippen

Zachary Plummer

Josmar Polanco

Dylan Poole

Evan Poorman

Macie Porter

Hannah Powell

Rylee Powell

Jackalyn Powers

Dominic Prestarri

Morgan Price

Barbara Pruett

Kevin Quinn

Christian Rainer

Maria Ramirez

John Ramos

Skye Ramsey

Jordan Reichert

Gavin Reid

Jacob Resseguie

Kendall Reynolds

Amaya Ricchio

Dorian Rice

Amanda Richardson

Emily Rigdon

Ellen Riggs

Brennan Rigsby

Addie Riley

Heather Rivera

Meghan Roberts

Cristy Robinson

Lauren Roe

Kaitlyn Rojas

Danielle Rollins

Cecelia Ross

Lainey Ross

Autumn Rouke

Emily Rovner

Tiffany Rowe

Brett Rowell

Layken Ruiz

Madison Rutledge

Kaehla Ryals

Thomas Ryan

Richard Ryberg


Adriana Saldana

Emilio Salvador

Ashlyn Samels

Caleb Sammons

Dawn Samuolis

Yeska Sand

John Saranpa

Joel Sarver

Samantha Scardina

Adam Scherbakov

Austin Schlarb

Hannah Schloemp

Christina Schneider

Gabriel Schofield

Ozzy Schuck

Gabriella Schuelke

Jenna Schuliger

Leah Scofield

Gregory Seaton

Shaelee Seay

Anastasia Semenov

Emma Sewell

Emma Shaff

Luke Shaff

Olivia Shaff

Turner Shatzel

Samantha Sherer

Charles Sherwin

Therese Sherwin

Jeffrey Shidemantle

Mary Short

Serapia Silva

Emily Sims

Allyson Singer

Madison Sinsko

Kathryn Sjostrom

Todd Slaughter

Robert Slavens

Crystal Smith

Darneshia Smith

Jared Smith

Megan Smith

Milenka Smith

Taylor Smith

Theodore Smith

Annabelle Smith-Kaelble

Lily Smuck

Kaylee Snodgrass

Benjamin Snyder

Sarah Southall

Carrie Spinks

Katie Spradlin

Sommer Springer

Hannah Squires

Julie Stabak

Marissa Starace

Tyler Stewart

Madison Strayhan

Emilee Strom

Ryleigh Strong

Amanda Strong-Dowd

Ashley Sturgess

Stacey Styers

John Sumilang

Roland Szentesi

Malaya Telfer

Maxwell Terrill

Aubrey Tew

Andrew Thompson

Layla Thompson

Mikaela Thompson

Avary Tiller

Jason Tomlinson

Yen Tran

Candace Tras

Justin TRUE

Eden Turner

Katherine Tusa

Matthew Tymon

Sarah Underwood

Willa Urbanczyk

Nicole Vandenbemden

Kaycee Vaughan

Floralyn Villagomez

Minh Vu

Alexis Wadsworth

Angelica Walden

Mikala Waldermo

Finn Walker

Makena Warrington

Amari Washington

Hanna Washington

Jasmine Washington

Chloe Waterhouse

Kaitlin Watson

Veronika Watson

Olivia Weaver

Chelsea Webster

Nevaeh Wedderburn

Emily Weinstein

Kayla Weiss

Reagan Wells

Virginia Wells

Jolynn Wenner-Foy

Adams White

Brennan White

Courtney White

Memory White

Cannon Whitney

Cindy Whittridge

Demetrius Williams

Kailey Williams

Thomas Williams

Joseann Willie

Jacob Willman

Saarah Willman

Annastasia Wilson

Mackenzie Wise

Ashley Wolf

Richard Wolf

Ethan Wolfe

Cassandra Wolniewicz

Emily Wood

Jessica Wood

Riley Woodard

Madeleine Woodham

Jillian Woodley

Kameron Woods

Lillian Wright

Nathaniel Wright


Caitlyn Wyant

Nakiya Wytch

Caitlin Young

Hannah Yurack

Haiden Zalenski

Laura Zaniolo-Regenold

Victoria Zepp

Reed Zinke

Andrew Zito

Christy Zukowski

Fall 2021 Dean’s List

Savannah Adams

Ansley Aden

Savannah Alber

Adelee Alley

Brian Andrews

Victoria Armstrong

Douglas Arnold

Dylan Bailey

George Bailey

Raevan Baker

Mackenzie Ballasch

Jacobi Bardisa

Katelin Barker

Maddison Barrera

Aidan Beaty

Tyler Beauchamp

Aja Bell

Bethany Benefield

Trista Bennett

Madelyne Berube

Elise Birmingham

Elizabeth Black

Angel Blakley

Aidan Bludau

Trace Bolger

April Boutin

Drake Bracken

Julia Bradley

Millennia Bradley

Victoria Brobeck

Autumn Broxton

Grace Burchell

Natasha Burgess

Joshua Burrow

Annie Bush

Emma Cain

Blakely Campbell

Mackenzie Campbell


Audra Capetillo

Carol Carr

Emily Casey

ShamineyrieCastro Casillas

Eliana Cayer

Sarah Chauhan

Julia Chisolm

Braden Clark

Madelyn Clyatt

Calypsa Coarsey

Julian Cobos

Karmen Coffin

Kiersten Cole

Elbert Coleman

Tristan Coleman

Annalise Colenso

Cole Compton

Sophia Contratto

Kierston Cook

Anniemae Cooke

Qaiden Cooley

Alyssa Cooper

Madison Corbin

Noelani Cornfield

Ashlen Cotterman

Ryan Counsman

Savannah Cranford

Vernon Crouse

Pamela Lyn Cruz

Henry Crye

Lexy Curry

Jamir Curtis

Mariah Curtis

Baylee Davis

Perrin Davis

Lori DeFranza

Jayme DeSimone

Jennifer Deckard

Taylor Delprincipe

Austin Dickson

Elijah Dillon

Gracie Dirkes

Rosa Divieste

Harrison Dorsett

Jasmine Dos Santos

Waymon Doss

Cooper Douglass

Jessica Dubose

Evan Dupske

Shannon Durbin

Kristoffer Durham

Cassidy Dyer

Jonathan Egboiyi

Julien Ekoto Ekoto

Caitlin Elam

Lauren Elder

Channel Elecho

Sean Epperson

Jaime Estep

James Estess

Lalita Estrada

Avery Evans

Sarah Evans

Ashlyn Falk

Gabrielle Fariss

Denise Farris

Nicole Fenger

Mollie Ferguson

Katelyn Ferrell

Julia Fiegel

Decarius Fields

Jose Figueroa

Haley Fitch

Jayla Fitts

Kathleen Flores

Shane Foley

Sonja Forn

Alexus Forte

Alexa Foster

Kayla Freeman

Hannah Friday

Gwendolyn Fuller

Vincent Gallucci

Keshaun Gantt

Destiny Garcia

Kaylin Garcia

Aiden Garrity

Destiney Gary

Gracie Geoghagan

Marykaye Gholston

Nashani Gilbert-Taylor

Hailey Godwin

Jethro Gomez

Joslynn Gonzales

Jader Granja

Taylor Grey

Marc Guerrero-Parker

Alexis Guillory

Carlos Guzman

Hannah Hancock

William Hancock

Madeline Hanna

Briana Harris

Chambers Harris

Makenzi Harris

Amy Harrison

Mykasha Harrison

Lawson Harsch

Paul Hart

Ethan Havercroft

Payge Heingarten

Elijah Henderson

Stacy Hendrick

Anastin Herring

Jaron Hiatt

Jamie Hill

Zacarias Hinojosa

Elizah Hmung

Ryan Ho

Khila Hoffman

Ashley Holden

Ana Holloway

Daniel Hood

Kassidy Hood

Hillary Horner

Shannon Huffman

Andrew Humphrey

Ethan Hunter

Asjah Inniss

Evan Jackson

Jacob Jackson

Kaytlin Jackson

Torri Jackson

Stephanie Jamison

Alexander Janetis

Ian Jenkins

Michaela Johnston

Whitley Jones

Renee Jones-Black

Bryan Jonson

Kelsey Kaczynski

Joseph Kalil

Dylan Kasch

Frances Keich

Kestraunda Kelly

Brian Kennedy

Sun Wook Kim

Erica Kirkland

Jayden Klava-Herrera

Justin Knoll

Colleen Krebsbach

Carsen Krider

Andrew Kumwiang

Curtis Laird

David Lamb

Rebekah Lamb

Sofia Landreneau

Malia Larson

Chelsea Law

Uyen Le

Grant Leatherman

Alexia Lee

Haley Lee

Isabella Lee

Denys Leonov

Nicole Leurinda

John Lewelling

Jonathan Linn

Jesika Lipford

Shallan Lochtefeld

Elizabeth Loken

Jackson Luberto

Lindley Lunsford

Riley Lutz

Zarey Macario-Romualdo

Baxter Madison

Karycelis Maldonado-Lopez

Wesley Mann

Frederick Marino

Skyla Markham

Austin Marple


Isabelle Martin

Cecilia Martinez

Annalise Masino

Jaida May

Trevor McCanna

Anderson McCrary

Jaylon McDaniel

Kaytlynn McElyea

Macy McGovern

Courtney McGrath

Michael McIntosh

Emma McKeeby

Michael McKinley

Rhys Mistele

Ashton Moat

Zoe Moffett

Bristol Mollega

Devin Money

Alanna Morales

Juan Morales

Fiona Morris

Nicholas Morrison

Alex Morton

Issa Muhammad

Barret Mullinix

Alondra Munoz

James Murphy

Madison Musco

Bretner Mutombo

Camden Myers

Spencer Nall

Dainon Nelson

Katelyn Nelson

Asa Newell

Shailey Nielson

Sara Nogarotto

Alexander Nusimow

Evelyn O’Connor

Kelly Olson

Naomi Ozbun

Ophelia Packer

Jason Painter

Reagan Palmer

Ian Parker

Shawn Parker

Riley Parkin

Ayden Paxton

Alicia Payne

Vernice Peart

Jamie Pepper

Keidra Perdue

Mariana Perez

Haleigh Permenter

Kaitlyn Peterson

Madison Pettebone

Julia Petty

Spencer Peugh

Ava Phillips

Bethany Phillips

Carsey Phillips

DeAndre Phillips

Joanna Phillips

John Phillips

Last-Tear Poa

Jazlyn Polanco

Gavin Pond

Caylie Porter

Rajah Pound

Myrannda Preece

Sandra Provencher

Jeffrey Pybus

Theresa Ragan

Keshanta Reese

Gabriel Reeves

Beatriz Rendon

Chloe Reynolds

Blake Rigdon

Tyler Riggs

Brent Robeen

Amy Roberts

Molly Robinson

Madysen Rogers

Luis Rosario

Aliza Rosen

Patrick Roughneen

Cameron Rudolph

Sarai Ruiz-Gonzalez

Corinne Russ

Nathan Saczynski

Hailey Sanchez

Noah Sanders

Mikki Santiago

Heather Sasser

Elisabetta Savini

Joshua Scannell

Grace Scarbrough

Mikayla Schad

Michael Schiller

Alajsia Schiro

Jackson Schoener

Jacob Schwartz

Skylar Scott

Ahna Seaman

Layla Seaton

Hailey Sexton

Madison Sexton

Stephanie Seymour

Antonique Sharpe

Hannah Sheline

Jessica Shilling

Cole Shirk

Jenna Sirmans

Joshua Sivil

Alexandria Smith

Anthony Smith

Ashlee Smith

Briana Smith

Caleigh Smith

Isabella Smith

Samuel Smith

Sylvester Snell

Jimmy Snokhous

Alan Solano Zamora

Andrew Sousa

Megan Southall

Dennis Spain

Katie Sparr

Jaxson Spradlin

Haylee Steele

McKenna Steele

Aubree Steenhoek

Sydney Stepp

Ryan Sterling

Megan Stewart

Ryan Stewart

Sierra Stockman

Emily Struxness

Meghan Takacs


Reagan Tank

Austyn Taylor

Elijah Teboe

Dorian Templin

Susan Thayer

Morgan Tholl

Bailey Thompson

Ciara Torres

Matthew Touchstone

Jenna Toups

Hongloan Tran

Hedayah Tucker

Robert Twine

Sarah Tynan

Trevor Varnado

Kailyn Vaughn

Alyssa Verzo

Maya Vogt

Sydney Vores

Katie Walters

Rashad Washington-Muhammad

Claudia Watkins

Cassandra Watson

Wesley Weber

John Welsh

Kiera Wensel

Travis Whisenhunt

Payton White

Wiley White

Max Whitney

Nicole Wiedemann

Johni Wigington

Ellie Wilder

Mia Wilkes

Everett Williams

Kim Williams

Samantha Williamson

Landon Willner

Aaron Wilmoth

Elizabeth Wilson

Matthew Wilson

William Wilson

Kaylin Winter

Thresa Withrow

Li-Yi Yeh

Alivia Yellen

Hawke Yohe

Abbey Young

Issac Young

Lacey Young

Austin Zaal

Monserrat Zamudio-Ortiz

Angel Zhang

Santa Rosa commissioners approve $1,000 relief stipend for volunteer firefighters

On Thursday, Jan. 13, the Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the use of $51,000 in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds as incentive pay to provide each active Santa Rosa County volunteer firefighter with a $1,000 relief stipend.

“Many of our rural residents are served by volunteer departments,” said Commissioner Colten Wright, District 5.

“These volunteers continue to serve the residents of Santa Rosa County and they put their own health and well-being at risk every day. These men and women are one of our greatest assets and this is just a small way to say thank you.”

The 51 volunteer firefighters are members of all-volunteer departments which include Berrydale, Munson, Jay, Allentown and Harold.

According to the Santa Rosa County Firefighters Association, eligible volunteer firefighters have had no disciplinary actions against them since March 1, 2020, were categorized as active duty during the entire quarantine period and responded to over 20% of the calls dispatched.

Company returns to Milton, bringing with it 10 new jobs

The Santa Rosa County Economic Development Office (SREDO) received final approval Jan. 13, on an agreement that will enable Element Outdoors to lease a 20,000-square-foot building in Milton.

The Iowa-based maker of outdoor and hunting apparel will bring 10 new high-paying jobs back to Santa Rosa County where the company was launched.

“We’re very pleased that Element Outdoors is moving home to where it all started,” said Commission Chairman Bob Cole, District 2. “This one company demonstrates that Santa Rosa County is both a great place to launch a new business as well as to expand an existing one.”

Company vice president Chris Nallick and his wife, Angie, created Element Outdoors as a direct-to-consumer business in 2013. In 2019, the company joined with Xpedition Enterprises and moved to Decorah, Iowa.

Nallick says the move is based on the availability of the facility, easier distribution, and lower operating costs. He expects more growth will follow as companies affiliated Xpedition Enterprises make the move as well.

“It’s great to welcome Element Outdoors back to Santa Rosa County,” said Erica Grancagnola, assistant director of SREDO. “We clearly have a strong affinity with the company’s leaders and its target customers. It’s especially gratifying to see a company that ‘grew up’ in Santa Rosa County finds it attractive to return.”

SREDO has leased the facility at 7999 Armstrong Road from Terhaar and Cronley since 2015. Under the agreement approved by the county commission, Element Outdoors LLC will sublet the facility from SREDO at cost plus insurance and taxes.

Meet Brad Baker: County leader cares deeply, works hard

He has risen through the ranks at Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners to being named assistant county administrator this past June.

If you had not heard of Brad Baker before 2020, you definitely knew him after – or at least saw the results of his coordinated response efforts. Throughout that challenging year, he led the county emergency management office’s longest-ever running activation from early March, when a resident became one of the first in the state to test positive for coronavirus and later sadly became Florida’s first COVID fatality.

Through his relationships with state and local officials, and his strong ties to the community, Brad crafted a different approach to the COVID response, putting county resources toward assisting partners including the department of health and local private health care providers so they could continue to provide services to patients through telehealth technology. He worked tirelessly with leaders in the faith-based community to set up testing sites and food drops throughout the county to be assured the needs of our residents were being met.

The onset of Covid was followed by the April tornado, the 2000-acre Five Mile Swamp Fire in May, and finally Hurricane Sally, a high Category 2 storm that caught national weather officials by surprise. Throughout these simultaneous disasters, Brad kept county residents calm, informed and safe – becoming a familiar face to many through his live social media updates.

After Hurricane Michael devastated Washington County in 2018, Brad Baker and members of Santa Rosa County’s public works department deployed to help. Here, Baker leads the morning meeting.

After playing a major role in leading Santa Rosa County through 2020 and into 2021, Brad oversaw one of the most underestimated challenges public health and safety leaders throughout the country have ever faced – the local rollout of COVID vaccinations. To find the manpower necessary to handle the massive volume of calls, Brad coordinated appointment schedulers from other county and constitutional offices as well as recruited retired employees and volunteers from the community. He organized the largest vaccine distribution site in northwest Florida and personally administered shots to individuals to help protect our county from the pandemic.

Amid the pandemic and its recovery, Brad simultaneously was overseeing the Santa Rosa County Animal Shelter, which – like many animal rescue organizations – was suffering from staffing shortages and an overabundance of animals needing care. Under his management, the staff coordinated a multitude of new programs and innovative solutions bringing the shelter for the first time to a no-kill status.

In his personal life, Brad stays committed to his community, serving as the Allentown Fire Chief for approximately 15 years, often rising from sleep to respond to emergencies in north Santa Rosa County. As a fifth-generation Santa Rosan, Brad adds peanut and cotton farming as well as cattle ranching to his repertoire.

Brad Baker, now assistant county administrator, took part in the Tough Mudder when it was held in Santa Rosa County in 2017.

A longtime member of Living Truth Church, Brad serves as the organization’s director of safety and security and spent many weekends following tropical activity with his fellow members assisting the elderly and less fortunate in the community with home repairs and other unmet needs.

Following changes in administration at the Board of County Commissioners, Brad took on the role of assistant county administrator when asked, helping the interim county administrator oversee close to 450 staff who serve the needs of approximately 185,000 citizens and hundreds of thousands of visitors 24 hours a day.

Santa Rosa Medical Center welcomes year’s first baby

Santa Rosa Medical Center (SRMC) is proud to welcome Santa Rosa County’s first baby of 2022. The first baby, Orion Isaiah, was born Jan. 3 to Kerstin Kent and Michael Dunn in Santa Rosa Medical Center’s Baby Suite. Both mom and baby are recovering well. SRMC presented Kerstin and Michael with a basket of items donated by the hospital, hospital staff and area businesses. Items ranged from gift certificates to items for mom and baby.

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Nuisance alligator trapper needed for Santa Rosa County

Applicants must pass a criminal history check, have no fish or wildlife law violations and possess a valid, working email address.

To learn more about becoming a contracted nuisance alligator trapper and to apply online, visit and click on “Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program.” Applications must be received by Monday, Jan. 24, 2022. For more information, email

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