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Need a stump ground? Call Joel Stokes!

Throughout his career, Joel’s work has varied.

He’s had his own electrical business and worked a lot by himself. He’s been an aircraft avionics technician/electrician and a residential commercial industrial electrician. He also has a state-registered master’s certificate.

“So, I’m used to working,” he said.

Joel enjoys seeing the finished product. And when his customers appreciate his work and thank him for a job well done, it makes the work worth it.

Joel’s desire to make sure he leaves behind satisfied customers and do a great job sets him apart from his competition.

“I’m not going to just rush in there and bang it out and take off,” Joel said. “I’m going to make sure my customers are happy with what I do.”


He said he’s not trying to cut in on anyone else’s business. He’s just trying to establish a little niche for himself.

The average stump takes just about an hour. A large stump takes Joel a few hours.
Joel Stokes started his stump grinding business this summer to have more control of his time every day.

His wife has vascular dementia. She is in a nursing home and he visits her every afternoon and stays about three and a half hours.

“I need to be able to go see her every day,” Joel said. “I don’t want her to feel abandoned.”

As her memory drifts, Joel wants to remain the constant in her life and continue to show up to visit her daily because she is the love of his life. He said that although her mind is wavering, her faith is strong.
He said even when she was going through a time when she didn’t know him, she still knew who God was.

When diagnosed, she asked the doctor if he believed in the healing power of God.
He grinds stumps because it allows him to create his own schedule and choose his hours so he can prioritize his wife.

Serving northwest Florida and southwest Alabama, Joel Stokes provides quality service and gets the job done the right way. Call 850-736-3663 today for a free estimate on stump grinding.

When Joel is down with a stump, he takes his rake and makes sure the ground is smooth when he leaves.
“Satisfied customers are my primary objective,” he said.

Joel is willing to work with people on pricing because his prices aren’t set in stone. Communication is key, he says.

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