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Affordable and thorough health care at Navarre Primary Care

Sherrie Koenigseder, APRN, has been working in primary care in Navarre for 7 years now.

A caring and compassionate nurse practitioner, Sherrie is extremely knowledgeable about health and medicine. She really takes the time to listen to her patient’s concerns and asks the right questions to understand and resolve their health issues. She is genuine, thorough, and efficient, and makes her patients feel comfortable.

In Sept. 2023, she opened her own autonomous practice called Navarre Primary Care, located in Navarre Plaza across the street from Whataburger.

Navarre Primary Care makes health care easy and affordable. They offer Medical Memberships which eliminate co-pays and help ease the mind and the wallet when it comes to primary care. For just $75 a month, Navarre Primary Care Medical Members receive:

  • unlimited visits
  • lab work
  • an annual physical
  • school/sports physicals
  • flu vaccinations when available
  • STD testing
  • flu, strep, COVID-19 testing
  • pap smear (additional charges for pathology)
  • breast exam
  • prescription appointments

There is a $35 initial registration fee, and they have a $300 maximum family rate. Membership plans allow for people to have access to quality primary care at a low monthly fee, so you can save money with a high deductible health care plan. For more information, visit

The office also offers Group Membership Plans for groups of 5 people or more. This 1-year membership could be used for small businesses, church groups, clubs, teachers or just friends – any group at all. Monthly rates range from $45 – $60 per person.

Although memberships are an excellent option, they are not the only option. Navarre Primary Care offers 3 payment options:

  1. Insurance (covered services)
  2. Medical Membership
  3. Self-pay (cash 10% off)

The medical office accepts a variety of insurances, such as Medicare, some Medicaid plans, Tricare for Life, Tricare Select, and they have future contracts with Florida Blue and United Healthcare in the works. Navarre Primary Care also accepts VA Community Care. With the VA being almost 40 miles away from Navarre, Sherrie sees a lot of veterans. Navarre Primary Care is an excellent alternative to making a doctor’s appointment an all-day affair at the VA. Seeing the same caring provider every time encourages veterans to choose Navarre Primary Care.

Sherrie’s favorite part of her job is making people feel comfortable about their health journey.
“So many have stigmas about healthcare providers, or maybe they’ve had a bad experience. I just want to assure patients that I’m listening and am going to help figure out what’s wrong and work with them to come up with a solution that they are happy with too,” she said.

Sherrie works with her patients on lifestyle changes too, if that’s what they would prefer.

“I work with them on lifestyle changes and not just say “take this med” and don’t tell them what it’s for or what it could do. I think people appreciate that. It makes me feel like I’m doing something they can’t find someplace else,” she said.

Sherrie educates her patients on the risks and benefits of taking medicine and making lifestyle changes, based on what the patient wants. She listens and she cares.

Sherrie can take care of any of your family practice needs, whether that be an acute or chronic condition, preventative care, bloodwork, weight loss or treating depression or anxiety. She works with patients of all ages and specializes in care.

Stop by Navarre Primary Care’s Grand Opening Sat. Jan. 20 to check out their office, enjoy refreshments and meet Sherrie for yourself.

Navarre Primary Care
1772 Sea Lark Lane
Navarre, FL 32566

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